DigiToads: The Latest Crypto Everyone is Talking About!

• DigiToads is a new cryptocurrency that has gained attention from buyers due to its advanced features.
• It is built on the Ethereum network and enables users to stake NFTs, swap tokens, play games, and earn rewards.
• The presale process has been split into 10 stages and so far, the team has collected over $1.8 million via this process.

DigiToads: A Cryptocurrency for Beginners

DigiToads is one of the best crypto options for beginners as it provides a dynamic economic model that enables users to stake NFTs, swap tokens, play games, and do much more. Built on the Ethereum network, DigiToads sports a powerful economic framework developed by leveraging the attributes of three different crypto models – a play-to-earn game, a stake-to-earn platform, and a meme coin.

Presale Process

The presale process for buying DigiToadsnative token TOADS has been split into 10 stages. Three stages have been completed so far and the fourth stage is in full swing. To buy the token, you don’t need any specific cryptocurrency as the platform accepts all major altcoins. For storing and holding your tokens ,you can choose between Moonpay, Trust Wallet, and Meta Mask. While the platform will be minting 585 million tokens ,around 69.2% of the coins will be utilized for the presale stages and funding community rewards .

Rewards & Giveaways

For an average crypto user who wants to derive thrice benefit by opting for DigiToads rather than any other regular cryptocurrency there are multiple options available to earn residual income with this platform such as stakes NFTs ,trade tokens ,participate in its Web 3 .0 game etc . The DigiToads team organizes regular giveaways where one just needs to buy TOADS token which gives access to these giveaways . One can also earn bonuses by actively interacting with the platform .

Why Invest In Digit Toads?

The secret behind success of Digit Toad’ s lies in its hybrid model that offers great potential gains after listing . As many analysts have been rooting for this cryptocurrency ICO due to its staking mechanism which helps investors gain maximum out their investments making it one of top crypto coins today .


Overall ,Digit Toad’ s is perfect choice as beginner cryptocurrency with multiple options like staking NFT’s ,trading tokens , participating in web 3.0 game etc along with earning bonuses through interaction with platform making it potentially rapid gains after listing making it worth investing in new cryptocurrencies like Digit Toad’s