Play & Earn USDC with House of Slots: The World’s First Stable Blockchain Game!

• ChainwireMassive Gaming, NEOWIZ’s overseas affiliate, will launch House of Slots and House of Poker in March 2023.
• Both games offer a Play and Earn system that allows users to unlock rewards in the game’s decentralized economy.
• USDC, a coin fixed to the value of the US dollar, is adopted as the stable currency for these games.


ChainwireMassive Gaming, NEOWIZ’s overseas affiliate, will launch global social casino slot game House of Slots and hold’em game House of Poker in March 2023. Before and after launch tokens, airdrops and game NFT free minting will be included in House of Slots. It aims to provide users with an opportunity to experience the Play and Earn ecosystem before launch.

Games Offered

House of Slots offers over 80 different social casino slot machine games and provides users with a realistic and fair gaming experience. Through the Web3-based Play and Earn system, users can unlock rewards in the game’s decentralized economy which allows them to own more value in the game. There are additional benefits through House of Slots mission play including an NFT holder limited event after opening where users who own an NFT can receive more valuable rewards.

Airdrop Events

One airdrop event is scheduled before launch with user reward events continuing afterwards. Information on airdrops and NFT free minting events can be found on Discord, Twitter, Telegram or Gleam – where links to the airdrop page are also located. To participate in each event users must install an IntellaX wallet which can easily be done by registering or linking their email address.

USDC Adoption

Global users can play various social casino games for free while earning USDC with specific goods provided by the game – this prevents decline of token values that has been an issue for Web3-based games so far via its stable currency adoption. Players will also be paid USDC as part of the Play & Earn system when they play certain levels within House Of Slots & House Of Poker during special missions & challenges set out within each title — allowing them to earn real money from playing!

Community Support

While slots may be solitary games we have built up communities around them such as our discord server where players can relive their big wins or learn more about upcoming events on our Medium page – creating further engagement opportunities beyond just gameplay!